Welcome to Jaspy's HQ

This is Joe Jaspy from Jaspy’s Sports Cards & Collectibles! 👋 

You may know me from our live stream on YouTube, or perhaps heard my voice in the background on our Instagram Live streams or you may have seen me around the shop in Hermosa Beach, CA!

I am excited to introduce our latest feature: A blog!

OK, OK… You’re probably thinking, “Big deal; Everyone and their cousin has a blog.”

And you’re right: Everyone and their cousin has a blog.

But here at Jaspy’s we felt we needed a “headquarter” to act as a central hub for communication, information, commentary and more!

So, with that being said, welcome to Jaspy’s Headquarters!

True to our style, brand and natural tendencies we’re going to start things a bit slow with this project but we’ve got big plans for Jaspy’s HQ down the road!

Stick around and stay tuned!