THE NATIONAL NOTEBOOK: A Bit Of The Best Things We Saw

THE NATIONAL NOTEBOOK: A Bit Of The Best Things We Saw

  • A lil' late but here's the last entry in The National Notebook for this year and some of the best things we saw!
  • Saturday at The National was our last day, honestly, it was all a bit of a blur as we checked out of our hotel, re-packed suitcases to accommodate all the stuff we bought, pop over to The National to make some last minute deals and our last set of group breaks and then before you know it we were parting ways with The National.
  • And parting ways with each other; After a whirlwind day Nick Jaspy and Mike Jaspy found ourselves exchanging handshakes and hugs for what we deemed to be a successful trip.
  • Nick and Mike were leaving on a jet plane back to Los Angeles while I headed to downtown Chicago for the night to spend some time at The Art Institute Of Chicago the following day (it was amazing, btw).
  • A bit of the best things we saw?

Obviously this doesn't cover all the best things we saw… We'll take more pictures next year.

What was the best thing you saw at 2023 National? Tag us on Twitter (@JaspysBreaks) and share your best finds at The National with us and we'll retweet!

See you in 2024!


Also, did I mention the Art Institute Of Chicago was amazing?