PWCC Breaker Network

If you haven’t heard, Jaspy’s is a member of the PWCC Breaker Network

Basically what this means is we make it easier for our customers to vault or list cards on the PWCC Marketplace! 

Customers can request their cards to be sent to PWCC straight from a break on or Fill out a quick form, and your trading cards can go from raw, to authenticated, to archived, to on the market – all in just 30 days.

PWCC has auction and fixed price markets that draw in more than 200,000 potential buyers across the platform. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your cards!

Authentication partners include MBA - with MBA, each raw card you submit receives a condition report. Authentication cost is $3 per card if sold or committed to auction within 30 days of curation. To learn more about PWCC’s authentication partners (including MBA), visit the PWCC site.

If you live near our shop in Hermosa Beach, stop in to learn more about submitting your cards to PWCC. We also accept submissions in-store! And if you’re interested in submitting straight from a Jaspy’s break, check out our online process here. We make it really simple for your cards to go from break → PWCC!  

We’ll continue to write about PWCC and the Breaker Network! In the meantime, don’t forget to use the code JASPY when you’re filling out your submission on the PWCC website