(Releasing Friday) Jaspy's + Fanatics Autographed Multi-Sport Jerseys HITLESS PROMOTION + DETAILS!

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(Releasing Friday) - Jaspy's + Fanatics Autographed Multi-Sport Jerseys GIVEAWAY + DETAILS PAGE!

*Please note the Auston Matthews is an official Reebok jersey, not an Adidas as shown in photo*

This is a very special product we are excited to offer all of our Jaspy's customers.

This run of jerseys is specifically made for JaspysCaseBreaks.com - and includes names like: 

  • Tom Brady/David Ortiz Dual Signed Red Sox Jersey inscribed "This is our F'N City" (Goes to Red Sox)
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Mike Trout
  • Bo Jackson
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 
  • Luka Doncic
  • Joel Embiid
  • John Tavares 
  • and many more!

There will be 32 total breaks in our initial run. Two autographed jerseys will be broken every break.
We helped pick out the names of the jerseys. Fanatics then packed and shipped them all in special Fanatics boxes. We then numbered every box #1-64. Before every break, we will randomize those numbers and whatever two numbers we get is what boxes we will break!

This break will be done by random division in each sport. There will be 24 total spots in each break. Each division is shown in the product pages description.

Since there is only 32 breaks, most divisions only have a few hit possibilities. We helped with the picking of the jerseys to make sure it is as even as possible for every division, but some jerseys may get pulled early in the product run. Please keep this in mind when buying that it is a product that only a couple of people will get hits in each break!

Despite this, we will be doing something SPECIAL for every HITLESS person! If you go hitless in ANY Fanatics break, you will be entered into the special BONUS GIVEAWAY! If you buy ten total spots in all 32 breaks and go hitless in 7 of the spots, you will get 7 entries in the promotion! NO MAX on the amount of entries you can get in the promotion!

Prizes for HITLESS PROMO: 

1st place: Auston Matthews Autographed Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey! ($599.99 SRP on Fanatics Authentic's website!!!!!)

2nd place: $150 Break Credit!

3rd place: $75 Break Credit

4th place: $50 Break Credit!

5th place: $40 Break Credit!