$300 GIVEAWAY! All-Spots Sold in these 4 BREAKS IF FILLED Promotion by SUNDAY NIGHT!

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$300 GIVEAWAY! All-Spots Sold in these 4 BREAKS IF FILLED Promotion

All spots sold in the breaks below if they fill by Sunday night are entered to win:

First place gets $200 in BREAK CREDIT!

Second place gets $75 in BREAK CREDIT!

Third place gets $25 in BREAK CREDIT!

We will randomize the list of names who joined the breaks from the list below.

Breaks have to sell out BEFORE 10:30PM PST SUNDAY NIGHT to run the promo.


2018 Contenders RT #7

2019 Prizm RT #4

Pantheon RT #3

Spectra PYT #3 (Plus any spot randoms)